Dr. Jennifer Edmond

Dr. Jennifer Edmond


As of September 1st 2018, Dr Jennifer Edmond is the new President of the Board of Directors in DARIAH. Serving as Director in DARIAH since 2016, Jennifer Edmond was recently elected in the Presidency of the Board, succeeding Laurent Romary.

Dr Jennifer Edmond is Associate Professor of Digital Humanities in Trinity College Dublin and the co-director of the Trinity Center for Digital Humanities. She holds a PhD in Germanic Languages and Literatures from Yale University, and applies her training as a scholar of language, narrative and culture to the study and promotion of advanced methods in and infrastructures for the arts and humanities.

In this vein, she has developed a significant profile in European research and research policy circles in the past 5 years, having been named one of Ireland’s five “Champions of EU Research” in 2012.  She coordinated the €6.5m CENDARI FP7 (2012-1026) project and is a partner in the related infrastructure cluster, PARTHENOS. Her other EU projects have included coordinating Researcher Night in 2013, Europeana Cloud, the ESF Network NeDiMAH and the ICT ‘sister project’ Knowledge Complexity (KPLEX). Jennifer also represents DARIAH-EU on the Open Science Policy Platform (OSPP), which supports the European Commission in developing and promoting Open Science policies.

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